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Ella Rose Dove's Story

Ella Rose Dove's Story Ella Rose Dove's Story

In May 2016, magazine journalist Ella Dove from Stratford was out jogging with her sister when she tripped and fell. Tragedy ensued as Ella had fallen in such a way that her knee had dislocated and a bone had severed a major artery which prevented circulation to her foot. The devastating result was the amputation of her right leg below the knee, five days after her fall. 

Ella’s complex injuries meant she spent four months in a wheelchair before receiving a prosthesis. On receipt of her first leg she attended the Amputee Rehabilitation Unit in Lambeth, where she learned to walk again. Learning to walk again was a challenge for Ella but she soon overcame this and soon was up and about determined not to let her amputation affect too much of her life. 

When Ella came to The London Prosthetic Centre and met with Abdo, the plans were set in motion for custom made legs that would help Ella continue with her daily life without much hindrance.

Choosing to opt for the superior services of the LPC, Ella needed to raise funds. With the success of a stand-up comedy show as well as a heart-warming choir ensemble with Stratford East Choir and being part funded by LPC, Ella raised the funds for her new journey. 

Ella’s custom-made legs consist of an everyday all terrain leg, a high definition silicone cosmesis and a sensational running blade to aid and improve her fitness experience. Through Ella’s determination and resilience, she has come a long way from that fateful day. Her career has gone from strength to strength and she continues to write for Good Housekeeping and Prima. Alongside this, Ella has achieved her lifelong dream of being an author as she has recently secured a book deal.

For more information on the services at the London Prosthetic Centre please contact us via e-mail at enquiries@thelondonprosthetics.com.
Ella's Story