03 May

Ian Purton's story

Ian Purton's story Ian Purton's story
The story 
Ian Purton’s world turned upside down in 2010 after an aneurysm in his leg was diagnosed but not treated as urgent and he was given the green light to continue on his holiday travels. This devastating alleged medical negligence caused Ian to lose his leg less than two and a half weeks later to a rare and very large popliteal artery aneurysm that the two operating surgeons had seldom seen during their careers. 

Ian was left devastated following his above knee amputation and remembers the situation with the same anger, “I found myself in the dungeons of despair having lost my leg, my job and my self-respect”, and he knew he had to think about his future to regain his quality of life.

The solution
5 years on and despite the claim for damages being vigorously denied, Sita Soni, the Boyes Turner solicitor acting for Ian achieved a settlement figure.   

Abdo Haidar Lead Prosthetist at The London Prosthetic Centre provided Boyes Turner a full medical report supplying substantial evidence on the future requirements for prosthesis. Abdo Haidar stated “we understand that quality of life for amputees is directly linked to the quality of prosthetic care. For most amputees,
ensuring that they can afford the on-going level of care they need is one of their primary concerns when providing medical reports." Abdo recommended for Ian to be fitted with an Ottobock C-Leg 4 knee joint, a prosthesis designed for safety and support in everyday situations. Starting to familiarise himself with his new prosthesis, Ian’s journey with The London Prosthetic Centre began.

The turning point
After visiting Abdo at The London Prosthetic Centre for fittings and gait adjustments, Ian’s outlook now beams of optimism and confidence as he eagerly anticipates what the future holds. “It’s a learning curve having to adapt to my new prosthesis and I know it’s going to be a slow process, but this is a new beginning for me that I’m looking forward to." Ian’s treatment and relationship with the team at The London Prosthetic Centre continue, and throughout his life he will always need adjustments to his prosthesis. Already, the difference to Ian’s quality of life is remarkable to the point that he is in the midst of plans to marry his long term partner Lesley and they will embark on new travel adventures together without the need for only wheelchair friendly places. 

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