Abdo Haidar, Director Of Prosthetics at
The London Prosthetic Centre


Abdo Haidar is a HCPC Registered Consultant Prosthetist specialising in upper and lower limb prosthetics, with over 25 years of NHS and private experience. He is internationally renowned for providing undivided care and attention to his clients. 

Abdo clinically manages the prosthetic care of over 900 clients who attend The London Prosthetic Centre from across the UK and the rest of the world. Abdo specialises in all aspects of lower and upper limb prosthetics, with a keen interest in silicone solutions to include digit loss and partial feet amputations, and has been involved in large European prosthetic research projects.


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Abdo's commitment to providing the highest standard of care, and emphasising the individuality of each person and their requirements is paramount to his success in amputee rehabilitation. He understands the complexities of amputations and with efficient, accurate and responsive intervention, his clients get to enjoy their everyday activities with complete confidence.

Abdo prepares many expert witness prosthetic reports following amputation and has attended a number of Bond Solon expert witness courses. He has been awarded an expert witness certificate from Cardiff University and is a member of the Expert Witness Institute, APIL, and UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Before he joined The London Prosthetic Centre, Abdo's was a Prosthetic Lead at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, where he was responsible for the prosthetic rehabilitation of over 1,500 lower limb amputees. Now in his spare time, Abdo is a nominated prosthetic clinical tutor for the University of Salford, UK and LaTrobe University, Australia. He has published a number of peer review articles and given presentations and is also an invited lecturer at the University of Surrey.

Behind the scenes with our clinical prosthetist, Abdo Haidar