Danny van der Merwe - Senior Prosthetist


Danny van der Merwe is a HCPC Registered Senior Prosthetist who manages the prosthetic care of clients who attend The London Prosthetic Centre from across the UK and all over the world
Danny specialises in upper and lower limb prosthetics with a keen interest in high-end microprocessor lower limbs and myoelectric upper limbs

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Born and trained in South Africa, where I completed my dual qualification as a Medical Orthotist Prosthetist in 2013. My main interest and experience would be focused on Prosthetics, particularly Paediatric, multi-limbloss and sports prosthetics. Also focusing on high-end Microprocessor knees and Myo electric upper limb prosthetics.  
I enjoy getting to know and understand my clients and their specific roles, needs and activities to ensure each one is considered holistically when planning for their prostheses.

Seeing a client mobilising pain free and independently, often after years of being restricted, brings me great joy. Taking the time to listen and respect the input from the client plays a big role in my treatment. Apart from work I enjoy being with my family - happily married and proud father of two Scottish Terriers. I enjoy cooking, being outdoors with the dogs, traveling and experiencing what London has to offer. Being part of this dynamic team is only a pleasure.

Getting to know and understand my clients specific needs is paramount to
a giving them independence and mobility.