Mary Jane Cole



Mary Jane has worked with amputees for many years working with clients of all ages and levels, different causes of amputation and at all stages of rehabilitation.
Mary Jane’s professional interests extend to the development of best clinical practice through education. She has combined amputee rehabilitation – in the NHS and independently – with medico-legal consultancy and until recently (summer 2021), in a substantive post as Senior Lecturer, Centre for Allied Health, Kingston and St George’s, University of London.

She has participated and presented on amputee courses, study days (UK and beyond) and at national and international conferences. She has research experience and has published in the speciality.

Mary Jane takes an active interest in the UK physiotherapy profession’s amputee rehabilitation network BACPAR’s ( and is currently co-editor of the network’s biannual journal and BACPAR rep to SPARG (Scottish Physiotherapy Amputee Research Group). Mary Jane has been a past Chair, Honorary Research Officer and Honorary Education Officer.

To contact Mary Jane, please get in touch via the London Prosthetics Centre.

September 2021