Christa Wright

BAppScOT, HCPC Registered
Specialist Occupational Therapist


Christa Wright has worked with amputees for over 13 years working with clients of all ages and levels, different causes of amputation and at all stages of rehabilitation.
Upon qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in Australia in 1998 and moving to the UK in 2003, Christa has gained extensive experience at a senior level providing rehabilitation and disability management to adults with a wide range of complex medical and neurological conditions, both in the NHS and private hospital, rehabilitation community settings.
Christa also has over 24 years experience as an occupational therapist, working in Orthopaedic and neuro rehabilitation settings, and also as a vocational consultant.
She also has over 16 years experience working as a case manager, managing complex, catastrophically injured clients and moving into a clinical management role in 2022.

To contact Christa, please get in touch via the London Prosthetics Centre.