Silicone Technicians At 
The London
Prosthetic Centre

At The London Prosthetic Centre we provide the very best in prosthetic products, and as technology and user requirements change we have modified our manufacturing techniques and service offerings to best suit their specifications. 

Artists in their own right, all of our silicone technicians are exceptionally skilled and can make any design, colour and shape required in silicone. From new material development to performance testing, our technicians often create more “avant-garde” designs to further develop their skills and identify improved ways of working.

“With the variety of prosthetic limbs available to users today, patients have an exceptional choice of what kind of product they would like, whether it be functional or cosmetic, but increasingly patients tell us how important appearance is for their prosthesis. This is why we invest in devising the most naturalistic coverings for both upper and lower limb prostheses. Our coverings are designed bespoke to individual requirements, then sculpted in-house and in consultation with the patient, enabling our custom silicone products to meet the patient’s exacting standards.” Abdo Haidar

Meet our Silicone Technicians

Mark Bushnell - Prosthetic and Silicone Specialist

Mark has experienced most aspects of artificial limbs from conventional through to modular limbs in both upper and lower extremity. In the last 17 years he has specialised in high definition silicone cosmesis, which is a more artistic style of prosthetics.

Corin Watts - Silicone Technician

Corin is a graduate from King Alfred’s College, Winchester, where he studied for his BA in Art. He began his career in prosthetics in 2000, training as a custom silicone technician. He is also a nominated training officer for Steeper Group, teaching silicone technologies.

Joanne Brooks - Silicone Technician

Joanne graduated from the Bournemouth Arts Institute with a degree in Model Making. She then entered the medical prosthetic industry as a prosthetic silicone technician. Joanne specialises in high definition silicone covers and has extensive experience with silicone sculpture with particular interest in bespoke artistic and alternative limbs.

Dalton Desborough - Silicone Technician

In 2016 Dalton obtained his degree in Fine Arts and Sculpture at Sheffield Hallam University. Dalton sought out further training in Oxford before moving to our clinic here in Kingston Upon Thames as an experienced silicone technician. Dalton’s skills have proved invaluable and had fantastic feedback from our clients.

Hannah Sprogis - Silicone Technician

Hannah graduated in 2016 from The Arts University Bournemouth with a degree in Make-Up for Media and Performance with a specialism in prosthetics. After freelancing for two years as a make-up artist for TV, a prop maker and an art fabricator, Hannah joined the Steeper Silicone Clinic in August 2018.

Holly Roseveare - Silicone Technician

Holly joined the Steeper team in 2023. She graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Fine Art in 2018. She worked as a freelance Prosthetic Makeup Artist and then as a Funeral Director in a sustainable funeral company during the Covid-19 pandemic. These experiences developed her creative skills as well as inspiring her to persue a career that helps others.
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Stephanie Cole - Silicone Technician

Stephanie received a BA Honours degree in Film Production, before studying a professional make up design course at Ealing Studios where she specialised in prosthetics. Her silicone technician career began in 2017, and then she started working for The London Prosthetic Centre in March 2019.


Senior Silicone Technician
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