Mechanical Feet

The EchelonVT by Blatchford is a prosthetic foot which utilises advanced hydraulic technology for dorsiflexion and plantarflexion to enable users to adapt their movement freely, and carry out their favourite hobbies such as hiking or golf.

This hydraulic design is combined with additional rotation and vertical shock absorption, to allow the socket to rotate with the residual limb rather than inflicting sheer pressures upon it. This enables users to move for longer with optimal comfort, and with a natural gait.
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Key Features

Approach the Everyday
The EchelonVT is designed to increase the user’s confidence when walking, particularly on variable terrain, by providing smoother control and stability.

Personalised Alignment
The features of the EchelonVT can be adjusted and controlled by the clinician to ensure it is fine-tuned to the user’s requirements.

Improves Limb Health
The hydraulics of the foot absorb energy as users walk, to minimise stress inflicted on the tissue of the residual limb by 60%.*

Reliable Range
The dorsiflexion of the ankle allows for efficient toe-up and clearance during swing phase, to reduce the risk of stumbles or falls.

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*View the study here