Freedom Kinterra

Mechanical Feet/Ankles

The Kinterra Foot/Ankle system from Freedom by PROTEOR combines hydraulics and carbon fibre technology to provide active users with a normal walking gait, regardless of surface angle or speed.

The foot’s split heel and keel design increases ground compliance and improves stability, aiding the user’s confidence and comfort. It also functions to reduce socket pressure, resulting in a healthier residual limb.
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Key Features

Fluid Movement
The Kinterra’s progressive ankle-stop design allows for a fluid transition from the ankle to the carbon keel as the user walks, reducing any strain placed upon the device to enhance durability.

Biomechanical Hydraulic Ankle
12° of motion and a posterior pivot joint work together to provide stability, and allow for a gait which mimics anatomical movement on slopes without compromising performance on ground level.

Stumble Protection
The dorsi-assist spring aids low impact users in toe clearance during swing phase to prevent stumbles and falls.

Pair with an MPK Knee
Ideal for use with microprocessor knees such as the PliƩ 3, as combined they provide optimal stability for transfemoral amputees with a gait that is fluid and natural.

Choice of Footwear
The option of a sandal-toe design allows users to wear a variety of footwear, including flip flops.

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