Microprocessor Ankle

The Meridium prosthetic foot offers a high level of security along with increased adaptability and a more natural motion sequence.

The unique 4-axle design with hydraulic real-time regulation adjusts itself immediately to the user’s walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs or varying terrain. When sitting and standing, the complete foot lowers itself to the floor, which provides relief for the residual limb.

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Key Features

Hydraulic Adaptation
The Meridium uses hydraulic resistance to monitor and control the foot's contact with surfaces, achieving a comfortable heel leverage which adapts to the user's stride length.

Quick Change
To accomodate for various types of footwear, the Meridium features automatic heel height adjustment so you can change your shoes quickly and with ease.

Secure Stance
Intuitive technology means the foot knows when you're no longer moving, and therefore provides a secure and stable stance - even when you're on uneven terrain.

Natural Gait Pattern
During foot rollover, the Meridium’s four axles cause the ankle joint to plantar-flex, which prevents the body’s centre of gravity from lowering during walking. This provides a more balanced and natural gait pattern while preventing compensative movements which can lead to long-term orthotic treatment.

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Key Features of the Meridium