Alpha Hybrid®

Prosthetic Liner

The Alpha Hybrid Liner by WillowWood has been designed to easily accommodate the bending and flexing of the knee as the user walks, whilst reduces pistoning through the integrated distal matrix.

The innovative one-way stretch fabric in combination with the Hybrid Gel allows for circumferential stretch whilst maintaining the liner’s elongation and shape, ensuring it is durable and comfortable which conforms to various residual limb shapes.

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Key Features

Available in a cushion or locking version:
  • The cushion liners are ideal for use with elevated vacuum suspension
  • The locking liners control pistoning without a distal matrix
  • An abrasion-resistant, flexible knee panel enables a broad range of motion without pulling or tightening uncomfortably
  • A thinner layer of Hybrid Gel behind the knee enhances comfort when sitting or standing for long periods of time, and reduces bunching

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