Alpha SmartTemp® featuring Outlast®

Prosthetic Liner

The Alpha SmartTemp Liner combines a silicone construction for a broad range of motion, and the heat management technology of Outlast regulates heat in response to the fluctuating temperature of the residual limb.

This innovative liner is ideal for user’s who are seeking all day comfort, particularly in warmer climates, as it absorbs and stores heat to reduce sweating and then releasing this heat to stabilise skin temperature as the body cools.

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Key Features

  • ​Rather than an inner matrix, the one-way stretch Select fabric controls pistoning and longitudinal stretching on the residual limb

  • The circumferential stretch makes it easier to don and doff

  • Thinner construction behind the knee to reduces creasing, and extra cushioning distally and over the tibial crest for additional protection

  • By delaying the onset of sweating, it reduces chafing

  • Compatible with elevated vacuum

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