Genium X3

Microprocessor Knees

The Genium X3 has sensor technology which creates intuitive and natural motion sequences when faced with  everday tasks, including walking backwards or climbing stairs.

The smooth movements of the Genium X3 will allow for different walking speeds - perfect for those with physically demanding occupations, an active family lifestyle or an interest in sporting activities, all thanks to its robust and resilient design.

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Key Features

Smooth Gait Pattern
The Genium X3 creates a smooth gait pattern that reduces pressure on your musculoskeletal system, minimising the risk of muscle strain or back pain.

Walk to Run Function
Designed to respond quickly to your change in pace, whether that be from a slow walk to a speed walk, or even breaking into a run.

The Genium X3 has a whole host of settings so that you and your clinician can configure your knee to suit the activities you do most frequently.

Connect directly with your Apple or Android device to monitor the Genium X3's battery charge, select MyModes and tap into other settings.

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Key Features of the Genium X3