Microprocessor Knees

With the Kenevo MPK, your safety and stability comes first. The Kenevo sets a new global standard in lower limb prostheses, focusing on meeting the needs of less active users.

The Kenevo adapts itself to your mobility, so its functions will alter as your skills strengthen during day-to-day life - the perfect choice for rehabilitation.
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Key Features

Stumble Recovery
If the Kenevo senses a trip hazard, it will use its stumble recovery technology to react quickly and help you steady yourself.

Continuous Support
For sitting down and standing up the Kenevo’s intelligent technology helps you keep stable and in control.

Intelligent Swing Phase
To ensure reliable ground clearance with every step the Kenevo's swing phase triggers itself - even when walking slowly or taking smaller steps.

Wheelchair Function
With a single hand movement, the Kenevo can be locked into a slightly bent position or an outstretched leg whilst sitting in a wheelchair, giving it enough ground clearance to prevent it being caught on the ground.

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Key Features of the Kenevo