Microprocessor Knees

This responsive MPK delivers an intuitive walking experience that gives the user freedom and confidence to fulfil their potential.

Designed to mimic the anatomical movements of the leg, the Linx microprocessor knee intelligently senses the user and analyses data on their movement, while also analysing the environment and terrain, providing a stream of instructions to the hydraulic support system controlling the knee.
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Key Features

Situational Awareness
Integrated sensors continuously collect data to seamlessly adapt the limb’s responses.

Ergonomic Design
The ergonomic design of the Linx is based on that of a human leg, creating a sense of balance within the body as it allows you to evenly distribute weight. This encourages good posture and reduces any strain on the rest of the body.

Supported Sitting
Dorsi-flex features support and redistribute body weight while transitioning into sitting positions, meaning you will feel safe and supported.

Bionimetic Hydraulic Technology
The bionimetic hydraulic technology works to absorb energy from the ground, in turn minimising tissue stress, resulting in a comfortable socket interface and symmetrical gait pattern.

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Key Features of the Linx