Microprocessor Knees

The Orion3 is a great choice for those looking for stability on different terrains, slopes and steps, and will deliver a natural walking style at either single or altering speeds.

When using the Orion3 you can feel confident in the safety and the stability of the prosthesis, as it encourages users to distribute their weight evenly, reducing aches and pains caused by favouring one side while walking or standing. This knee is suitable for K2 to K4 users.
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Key Features

Situational Awareness
The Inertial Measurement Unit senses movement and speed to respond accordingly and in real time, particularly useful when waking in large crowds or descending on uneven terrain.

Enhanced Stability Performance
There are 5 levels of stance resistance to optimise safety in all activities:
  • Controlled Stance Support
  • Standing Support
  • Dynamic Slope and Stair Descent
  • Stumble Recovery
  • Supported Sitting

Anatomical Motion
The Orion3 features microprocessor pneumatic swing control, allowing for an easily initiated swing and a more natural knee flexion at lower speeds.

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Key Features of the Orion 3