Freedom Plié 3

Microprocessor knees

To provide individuals with more freedom in their mobility, Freedom By PROTEOR have examined biological norms to establish performance criteria for the new Plié 3 - a microprocessor knee with controlled swing and stance.

By integrating high-performance processing capabilities and a cutting-edge hydraulic system, the Plié 3 is one of the most responsive MPK's ever developed.
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Key Features

High Performance Processor
The Freedom Plié 3's high performance processing power makes it one of the fastest microprocessor knees on the market, allowing you to respond quickly and without hesitation.

Waterproof Technology
The Freedom Plié 3 is totally waterproof, meaning it's perfect for doing water-based activities such as fishing.

Rapid Gait Response
The Freedom Plié 3 responds 10 to 20 times more rapidly than other microprocessor knees, meaning it can react quicker to its environment and your activities.

Intuitive Recovery
The Freedom Plié 3 knee adapts to you, customising stumble recovery to react to your movements.

Lifestyle Responses
Whether you're walking to the shop or running for the bus the Freedom Plié 3 knee is there wherever your day takes you, adapting from walking to running paces with ease and agility.

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Key Features of the Plié 3