Rheo XC

Microprocessor Knees

For medium to high activity levels the Rheo XC confidently takes you everywhere you need to go, be that on a workout, in the office or throughout your rehabilitation.

Rheo XC uses smart gait detectors and intuitive kinematic technology to offer stability and ensure a dynamic response in every situation.
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Key Features

The Rheo XC is splash-proof and water resistant.

Magnetorheologic Technology
Magnetorheologic technology allows the knee to always be in time and in step with the user, as the data is collected and processed in real-time.

Smart Gait Detection
Within the knee there are multiple sensors to detect and guide gait patterns, such as the kinematic sensor which ensures stability and dynamic response in every situation.

Smoother Gait
Effortless swing initiation enables a smoother gait, even in crowds and confined spaces. It also allows step-over-step stair ascent.

Tackle Sporting Activities
The Rheo XC allows for high-impact activities such as running, jogging, and cycling, with secure stops for Automatic Cycling Recognition.

Knee Lock System
The knee can be locked in full extension to increase safety and comfort in certain situations.

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Key Features of the Rheo XC