Common Problems

Here at The London Prosthetic Centre we have collated some of the most common issues that our clients come to us regarding. If you are experiencing any of the following please contact your healthcare professional. 
Weight-bearing pressure
This can be caused by ill-fitting socket. Sockets are designed to distribute these forces over as large a surface area as possible and as evenly as possible over pressure-tolerant areas.

Residual limb issues
This can include ongoing pain, skin breakdown or excessive sweating.

Socket frustrations

This might be a change in your ability to put on and remove the prosthesis.

Phantom sensation / phantom limb pain
Pain or sensations in place of the absent limb.

When the proximal part of the socket fits too snugly on the residual limb, bloodflow can be obstructed. When this is problem is combined with an empty space more distally in the socket, swelling can occur until that empty space is filled. In an acute situation, the skin is red and indurated and may have an orange-peel appearance.

Dermatologic problems
Including contact dermatitis or sebaceous cysts, folliculitis, excessive sweating, and scar management.

When joints become painful or stiff.

Adductor Roll
The retraction of muscles that are no longer held into place.
Unless you have previously tried a comfortable prosthesis it is difficult to appreciate the immense difference a properly fitted leg or arm makes to your health and wellbeing. Here at The London Prosthetic Centre we can help you overcome these common problems to live the life you want. 

For more information on prosthetic aftercare or if you have any concerns, feel free to contact us via the details below:

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