Upper Limb Prosthetic - Bionics

The i-Limb™ prosthetic hand series use ground breaking gesture control powered by i-mo™ technology, which allows the wearer to change grips with a simple gesture.

Each digit uses a motor on each joint, providing a compliant grip which can be adjusted by the user so that it conforms around the shape of the object being grasped.
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Key Features

Powered Thumb
Increases the number of grip patterns available.

Gesture Combinations
Controlled via a mobile app, users with the i-limb quantum can instantly access 14 programmable grip patterns, allowing flexibility and the ability to customise the hand for a variety of daily activities.

Myoelectric Control
All i-limb devices are externally controlled using myoelectric signals from the user's residual limb via electrodes, which use changes in the muscle's electrical patterns to open and close the hand. 

Secure Grasp
Auto-grasp feature to prevent objects from slipping.

Anatomical Movement
Hand automatically moves to a natural position after period of inactivity.

Reliable System
Utilises power management technology, which extends daily battery usage by 25%.

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Patented, ground-breaking gesture control, allowing the user to change their grip with simple gestures for every day activities.

i-limb™ quantum