Michelangelo Hand

Upper Limb Prosthetic - Bionics

The Michelangelo is an easy to use prosthesis, which utilises the ground-breaking Axon-Bus system for greater freedom of movement whilst reflecting the natural design of the hand.

With the ability to use additional components with the hand, user's can have a complete upper limb build which will make every day tasks such as gripping and holding objects easier.

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Key Features

Natural Movement
To create natural movement patterns with the hand, the Michelangelo’s thumb, index and middle fingers are actively driven and the others passively follow. This means you can support objects from below knowing they are secure.

Intelligent Thumb Control 
With the first thumb in the world which can be positioned electronically, the Michelangelo features a second thumb drive unit which can be controlled using myoelectric signals.

Posture Correction
To avoid unnatural movements and the rest of your body having to compensate in certain actions, the hand uses multiaxial movement patterns to promote natural body posture.

Neutral Positioning
The hand returns to a natural rest position when not being actively used.

Multiple Grip
An open palm and a powerful key are two of the vital grip types the Michelangelo is capable of, as it features three position modes with seven grip types.

Innovative Wrist Action
The oval AxonWrist flexes, extends, and rotates to reflect the natural movement of the wrist.

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Using a combination of soft and hard materials on the fingertips of the Michelangelo hand, enables you to grasp every day objects with precision and the correct amount of pressure.

Intelligent movement for simple tasks