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Robust, durable, fast and easy to use, the TASKA hand is a welcome addition to the multi-articulating myoelectric hand market. With a high level of impact protection - it is the ultimate solution to allow users to do more with confidence.

The world's first waterproof multi-articulating myoelectric hand that is IP67 rated, the TASKA hand is designed for daily activities without the need to be continuously changing grip or wearing a glove. 
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Key Features

Practical, Anatomical Movement
The TASKA Hand has been designed to 'give' and 'flex' much like the anatomical hand, to provide the user with natural movements as they carry out daily tasks.

Grip Cycle Buttons
With 23 grips available - three of which have been designed for a range of everyday activities - the user can easily change these using the low-profile Grip Cycle button on the hand. 
Knuckle Breakaway Feature
A unique benefit to this hand is the ability to rest the knuckles on surfaces without damaging the device, and an anti-damage breakaway feature for additional robustness and safety.

Shock and Vibration Proof
The TASKA hand is able to withstand shocks and vibrations due to the cushioning on the fingers, thumb and wrist. This is particularly beneficial when using power tools, as it reduces vibrations in the sockets and minimises impact damage.
Waterproof Design
The world’s first waterproof hand - rated to IP67 for up to 1m of submersion, allows users to wash their hands, do the dishes and more.
Low-Profile Wrist 
The wrist is integrated to provide a more natural arm length, and can be locked into three positions with rotation and flexion capabilities to provide the user anatomical movement.

Grip with Confidence
Independent, flexible fingers and a high-speed rotating thumb allow the hand to conform around objects quickly with ease, and a wide-open grasp allows the user to grip with confidence.

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The TASKA Hand's advanced and robust design provides exciting new opportunities for the user, from using a computer mouse and doing the gardening, to washing the car and peeling vegetables.

The ability to do more, with confidence