Naked Prosthetics
Body-Driven Prostheses

Naked Prosthetics manufacture durable, custom-fabricated finger prostheses to replace partial loss of a finger. The PIPDriverMCPDriver and ThumbDriver are all designed to restore functionality by mimicking the natural motions of a finger, each driven by the residual digit. Their exoskeletal appearance is designed with functionality in mind, and also provide a sleek appearance which users are proud to wear.

Returning a user’s ability to perform daily tasks is the ultimate outcome for these prostheses, restoring long-term hand health so individuals can get back into the workplace and lead an active, fulfilled lifestyle. These three devices are custom-manufactured according to an individual’s specific measurements and requirements, and are designed to be worn in combination with one another if needed. 

For more information on the Naked Prosthetic devices and whether they may be suitable, get in touch with our team at The London Prosthetic Centre or view the product brochure:
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