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The ThumbDriver is a body-driven mechanical thumb, which uses a unique anchor design to restore the grasp capabilities of the hand. Designed with the functionality of the entire hand in mind, the ThumbDriver works in conjunction with the fingers to provide the key oppositional force required when grasping or gripping objects.

The ThumbDriver is intended for use by those with a thumb absence between the MCP and IP joint. There must be natural motion present in the individual’s CMC and/or MCP joints, along with enough residual digit to engage the distal suspension ring, allowing the device to provide a rigid opposition to any heavy forces generated by the finger.
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Key Features

  • Provides a subtle articulation movement using MCP joint flexion
  • Backplate washer and unique hinge design allow the device to track the complex multi-axial CMC motion of the thumb
  • Thumb position can be adjusted by the prosthetist to suit the patient's preferences
  • Adjustable adduction/abduction washers to optimise freedom of motion
  • Constructed using lightweight materials
  • ‘Cage’ structure protects the hypersensitive site of amputation
  • Silicone rubber tip pads mimic the natural thumb tip
  • Interchangeable suspension rings provided to ensure correct fit
  • Available in ten colour coatings

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