Weight Adaptors

Upper Limb Prosthetics - Specific Activity

Designed for high performance, heavy duty and professional level weight lifting and training.

The Black Iron Master (BIM) will mechanically grasp and lock onto handles and bars to provide unparalleled security and stability for extreme weight lifting. It is also useful for adapting to a wide variety of other exercise equipment available in modern fitness facilities. 
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Key Features

Lightweight Version
The Black Iron Trainer (BIT), offers a lighter weight, lighter duty alternative to the BIM for lifting lower weights. However it is still capable of handling the wide range of grip and apparatus handle diameters that are encountered in modern fitness and exercise facilities.

Innovative Design
Swinging gate clamps the bar between curved rubber saddles.

Various Wrist Options
Black Iron Master and Trainer can be used with the following wrist units: Wedgegrip Large Round or Oval, Disconnect Large Round or Oval, FM Disconnect Large Round.

Secure Grip
The BIM and BIT have no quick release or other break away features, once clamped in place they will stay secure until manually released.

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