At The London Prosthetic Centre we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of cutting-edge prosthetic products from a portfolio of world-renowned manufacturers. We believe product suitability is the main factor when it comes to deciding which prosthesis to use, which is why we are dedicated to continuously evaluating prosthetic technologies and identifying which will benefit our clients the most.

Prosthetic Solutions

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Our Expert Witness Services


Our dedicated state-registered clinicians are highly regarded in their fields, and are certified to provide you with Expert Witness legal reports in all aspects of prosthetics, occupational therapy and rehabilitation.

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Ella Dove

"From the moment I met Abdo, I knew he would do everything he could to help me return to an active, fulfilled life."
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Danny O'Leary

"It’s great that I can carry my kids to bed every night and comfortably wear my prosthesis for 24 hours if needed."
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Cassie Cava

"I want to continue to inspire more women to take up sport. If I can do it, anyone can."
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