Upper Limb Prosthetics

As the leading experts in upper limb prosthetic systems and components, our range includes cosmetic products as well as mechanical and electric-powered systems.

From simple passive hands with silicone cosmetic gloves to, multi-articulating bionic hands and powered elbows, we are committed to providing our clients with a wide range of world-leading prosthetics.

We specialise in:

  • Myoelectric and bionic prosthesis
  • Hybrid systems
  • Functional body-powered prostheses
  • Lightweight cosmetic prostheses
  • Silicone custom-made interface and arm coverings
  • Partial hand, wrist and finger loss

At The London Prosthetic Centre we fit advanced bionic systems from all manufacturers, offering our clients the opportunity to trial the devices before final fitting. This enables us to ensure the prosthetic is the perfect fit for your everyday needs and lifestyle requirements. 

Patient Information

For more information on prosthetic solutions at The London Prosthetic Centre, please contact us via the button below: 

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Nicky Ashwell

"With bebionic, the movements come easily and naturally. I keep finding myself being surprised by the little things which make all the difference."
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