Prosthetic Technicians at 
The London Prosthetic Centre

Our technicians are specialists in a variety of lower extremity prosthetics, including leg and knee prostheses. 

Our prosthetic technicians are at the forefront of technology, assembling all of our prosthetic limb builds in-house at The London Prosthetics Centre as we care for over 700 privately funded amputees. A well-fitted socket and well-aligned prosthesis can change an amputee’s life - improving mobility and activity levels, therefore improving the general wellbeing of the user.

We are proud of our work and that is why we offer a two year warranty on mechanical parts fitted and three months on all socket fitting post-delivery. This will help to ensure that the prosthesis you have obtained from our centre helps regain your mobility and live life to the full.


Meet our Prosthetic Technicians

Dennis Moynihan - Prosthetic Technician

Dennis joined the London Prosthetic Centre in September 2008 after working for 39 years at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton. Dennis' previous positions include those for J.E. Hanger and Vessa Ltd and Hugh Steeper Ltd. In these roles he was responsible for manufacturing prosthetic devices, training, quality assurance, first aid, and managing a number of technicians.

Besmir Vero - Prosthetic Technician

Besmir grew up in Albania and worked as a prosthetic technician in Greece for 15 years for one of the major prosthetic companies in Athens before joining the team in September 2018. He is a prosthesis user and is extremely well skilled in prosthetic manufacturing and finding solutions for complex issues.

Joseph Basel

Joseph recently joined the team as a trainee prosthetic technician. His enthusiasm and friendly approach is well received with the patients when assisting the prosthetist’s intervention.   Joseph was born in Martinique and studied Biomedical engineering in Paris and completed two internships in China and Italy specifically in neurorehabilitation in rat cortex and gait analysis.