Prosthetists at The London Prosthetic Centre

The London Prosthetic Centre prides itself on offering specialised prosthetic care along with a large prosthetic portfolio from some of the most cutting-edge manufacturers from around the world. Our prosthetists believe that product suitability is the most important factor when it comes to prescribing a prosthesis, which is why they are dedicated to continuously evaluating prosthetic technologies to determine which will benefit their clients most.

Specialising in a whole host of amputee presentations, our prosthetists are world-renowned when it comes to professional private treatment. Through continuous research and extensive training on the latest devices on the market, this allows our prosthetists to offer our clients a range of prescription and rehabilitation options to enhance their recovery, and ultimately enable them to lead a healthy and fulfilled life.  

Meet our Prosthetists

Abdo Haidar - Director of Prosthetics

Abdo clinically manages the prosthetic care of over 900 clients who attend The London Prosthetic Centre from across the UK and the rest of the world. Abdo specialises in all aspects of lower and upper limb prosthetics, with a keen interest in silicone solutions to include digit loss and partial feet amputations.
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