Rehabilitation Therapists at
The London Prosthetic Centre

The London Prosthetic Centre is a specialised prosthetic and rehabilitation centre, combining advanced therapy care with innovative prosthetic technology to help individuals optimise life ahead. Our approach to amputee rehabilitation focuses on the post-surgical, prosthetic and outpatient/reintegration phases to:
  • Increase an individual’s strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, and decrease pain.
  • Provide the expert fitting and custom-manufacture of a prosthesis to meet personal lifestyle needs.
  • Train individuals to use their prosthesis with confidence and comfort, and avoid complications.
  •  Involve patients in an integrated and intensive treatment program of physical and occupational therapy
  •  Help patients via counselling specialists who deal with a range of emotional, social and/or behavioural issues.

Meet our Rehabilitation Team

Gareth Roblin - Physiotherapist

His initial experience of Amputee Rehabilitation was gained with the Douglas Bader Unit at the Queen Mary’s University Hospital Roehampton. It was here that he learnt the benefits of early rehabilitation for the amputee client, especially the importance of strength and conditioning.
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Vijay Kolli - Consultant

Dr Vijay Kolli is the Clinical Lead and Full Time Consultant in Amputee and Complex MSK Rehabilitation at Roehampton. He is also the named Consultant for Amputee, Spine and Complex Trauma Rehabilitation at Ascot Rehab, Bagshot. He comes from an Orthopaedic background and has special interest in musculoskeletal trauma rehabilitation.
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Maggie Walker - Physiotherapist

Maggie has over 24 years clinical experience of working as a physiotherapist in the specialist area of amputee and prosthetic rehabilitation. Maggie enjoys using her experience in assessing and providing comprehensive, holistic physiotherapy programmes for lower limb amputees.
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Mary Jane Cole - Physiotherapist

Mary Jane has worked for more than 20 years with amputees of all ages, causes, amputation levels, and at every stage of rehabilitation. She combines amputee rehabilitation and medico-legal consultancy with education and is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Kingston and St George’s, University of London.
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Emma Ashley - Personal Trainer

Emma is a Personal Trainer, who focuses on the physical body being driven by our mental and emotional state of mind. She is intent on keeping her sessions creative, and inspiring our clients to achieve goals they may have thought unimaginable.
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Michail Khouri - Personal Trainer

Michail has worked as a personal trainer for four years, and has over two years of experience working with amputee clients. Michail strives to help his clients meet their personal goals and overcome challenges. He is able to tailor individual rehabilitation packages depending on the individual’s needs.
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Sally Finlay - Physiotherapist

Sally has worked for over 16 years as a physiotherapist in wide range of clinical settings, enabling her to develop a wealth of professional and clinical experience, knowledge and skills. She is passionate about her work and committed to providing the best holistic care possible to our clients.
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