Neuromotus Treatment

Neuromotus Phantom Limb Pain Treatment

Phantom Limb Pain is a common problem faced by amputees following amputation, and to date there are various approaches and methods to help treat and manage the condition.

At The London Prosthetic Centre we believe it is vital that a Rehabilitation Consultant is involved in the prescription, recommendation and oversight of managing this type of pain. So as a part of our holistic aftercare program, we are offering treatment for managing Phantom Limb Pain using the revolutionary Neuromotus technology.

Neuromotus is a new innovative technology developed by Integrum, and is used as a therapy to reduce phantom limb pain following amputation. This is a non-invasive treatment using electrodes placed on the surface of the residual limb which captures, processes and decodes myoelectric signals. These decoded phantom limb movements are then connected to a program using augmented reality, where the user 'regains control' of their phantom limb; with the desired result being to train the neurons to better deal with any pain experienced by the user.

We are pleased to be offering this revolutionary treatment, as results using this pain management tool have shown positive results. This Neuromotus treatment is utilised as a part of our holistic program of pain treatment carried out by our Rehabilitation Consultant.

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