Lower Limb Specific Activity

Keeping fit is an important aspect of overall health, particularly when living with limb loss. Finding the right exercise to suit you may take a little time or it might be that you would like to get back into to the sport you love.

Regular exercise helps maintain wellbeing and enables you to develop strength and endurance in the muscles for ambulation and everyday activities.

There are many types of prostheses available for sports, from low impact to high impact, such as running, skiing, golf, scuba diving, motor racing and many more. Specific activity prosthetics are designed with essential elements for performance, including durability, strength, and being lightweight. Some are also designed to emulate natural human movement for best results in their chosen sport.

If you are interested in specific activity prostheses, our clinic offers comprehensive care and evidence based interventions for the most suitable prosthetic treatment plan to achieve your goals and aspirations.

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Specific Activity Prosthetics for Sports

1E90, 1E91, 1E95
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AllPro Series
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Cheetah Xtend, Cheetah Xtreme, Flex-Run
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Blade XT, Elite Blade, Elite BladeVT
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Freestyle Swim Foot
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Procarve Snow and Watersports Foot
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