28 Jan

Heather Mills in The Jump!

Heather Mills in The Jump!
Having lost her leg in a collision with a police motorcycle back in 1993, Heather’s professional sporting career only began in 2011, after she was approached by the head of the Slovenian Masters whilst on a skiing holiday in Austria. The chance meeting led to a trial and then permanent position with the British disability skiing team, with whom Heather has enjoyed a string of successful races. Now teaming up with the Austrian Speed Ski Team, Heather is in training to become the fastest disabled female speed skier in the world. This training, alongside her training for The Jump, has meant that she has needed highly advanced prosthetic legs to achieve her goals.

Key to Heather’s success will be the specialist prosthetic skiing leg designed and built by Abdo Haidar at The London Prosthetic Centre. After a year-long project they have created a prosthesis that has been designed to withstand the harshest of racing conditions.

Abdo Haidar said: “I have been a prosthetist for many years and made limbs for cycling, horse riding and Paralympic running challenges, but nothing compares to skiing – it is without doubt the most difficult sport for an amputee. A below the knee amputation, such as Heather’s, causes reduced knee control due to the loss of the ankle joint, so the limb must compensate for this. In this instance, the key lies in the design and fit of the socket – it’s responsible for reducing movement, which consequently enhances control and precision. Heather has an incredible drive and determination to succeed, and never shies away from a challenge. I have no doubt that she will achieve what she has set out to do.”

Heather continued: “Abdo and the team at The London Prosthetic Centre have played an integral role in my sporting achievements, by giving me the tools I needed to perform to the best of my ability. They have developed a prosthesis that feels like a part of me when I’m skiing and for that reason I have complete confidence when I’m on the slopes. It’s what allows me to continue pushing myself to the limits! I'm certainly looking forward to undertaking all the challenges of The Jump...my one concern is the jumping as the prosthesis is naturally heavier than my leg so it could make me turn in the air"