Freedom Kinnex 2.0

Microprocessor Ankle

The latest microprocessor ankle/foot from Freedom by PROTEOR is ideal for users who desire an ankle that independently adjusts to changes in speed and terrain. The innovative hydraulic system and app customisation options for both clinician and user, enables the Kinnex 2.0 foot technology to seamlessly adjust to everyday life.

Ease of movement is behind the design of the Kinnex 2.0, and the device’s optimal range of motion reduces pressures on the socket, so when sitting, squatting or standing the user’s comfort is significantly improved.
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Key Features

Cutting-Edge Microprocessor Technology
The Freedom Kinnex 2.0 utilises sensor-controlled ankle movement to read and process live data at a rate of 200 times per second, while the Rapid Response™ valve technology responds at a rate of 5 milliseconds.

Low Battery Feature
A soft vibration and low-profile light on the foot’s button panel will indicate to the user when the charge level is below 20%.
Switch Up Footwear
The Kinnex Patient mobile app allows users to program and store up to 100 types of shoes, and the sandal toe design accommodates a variety of footwear including flip flops and sandals.
Adjustment Throughout the Day
The Change Footwear button located on the ankle and the Kinnex Patient app enables the user to adjust heel height up to 2”, and also engage/disengage the manual lock feature quickly.
Feel Safe and Secure
Mobility across everyday surfaces is aided by the split heel and keel design which increases ground compliance and stability, whilst the full-length sole plate provides a seamless stance phase rollover.
Fully Waterproof Design
The Kinnex 2.0 is Water Ingress Certified, so it can be immersed for up to 30 minutes in 1 metre of fresh water.

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