Odyssey K3

Mechanical Feet

The Odyssey K3 by College Park utilises a low-profile, curved hydraulic ankle in addition to a carbon fibre foot base for increased dynamic response. This in turn increases ground contact, reduces pressure on the socket and enhances the knee stability to maintain optimum residual limb health.

The Odyssey K3 provides exceptional performance during a wide variety of activities, such as city walking or multi-terrain hiking, mimicking the smooth motion of the anatomical ankle.
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Key Features

Durable Design
The robust ankle housing and angular positioning is specifically designed to support moderate activity users who vary their terrain and speed regularly.

Tackle the Everyday
The durability of the carbon fibre foot base provides stability and confidence when users are walking across uneven surfaces.

Customisable Stride Control
Clinicians can customise the hydraulics of the ankle quickly and efficiently, to suit the user’s individual requirements.

Anatomical Appearance
Comes with a cosmetic foot shell for a low-profile, natural appearance that is both lightweight and durable.

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Key Features of the Odyssey K3