4Seal Classic

Prosthetic Liner

The 4Seal Classic liner by Ă–ssur is designed for use in a socket with a distal expulsion valve and provides excellent suspension through its four integral seals. The Easy Glide PLUS surface and flexible nature of the seal makes it simple to roll on and eliminates the need for any lubricant when donning the socket.

Umbrellan fabric contained within the silicone as part of the liner matrix, provides both increased durability and pain-relieving effect from phantom limb pain, phantom limb sensation and idiopathic residual limb pain.
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Key Features

  • The liner has been optimised to be tear-proof, even when highly stretched
  • Innovative sealing fin technology provides a comfortable fit and reliable adhesion
  • Orientation line is visible even when inverted, making it easier to don correctly
  • Silicone gel is skin-friendly as it utilises antibacterial and protective properties
  • Provides cushioning for pressure-sensitive residual limbs
  • Inner fabric eliminates the risk of roll-down during the day, securely positioning the liner at the top of the residual limb
  • Integrated ‘Umbrellan’ fabric shields the residual limb against electro-magnetic influences

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