A revolutionary socket technology research project

Abdo Haidar, together with seven leading European organisations called The Horizon 2020 EU project have been working on a revolutionary research project called “SocketMaster”. Their aim is to develop a new medical tool and procedure to achieve a fast and optimised design of a prosthetic socket for an above-knee amputee. The result will be a well-fitted prosthetic socket completed within a few hours and on the same day. Abdo states, “this is one of the most innovative scientific projects ever attempted to improve amputee comfort”. 

SocketMaster is a complete rethink of the most crucial prosthetic component: the socket. The aim is to bring modern technology and innovative design to bear on a long-ignored pain point. With €4 million of funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme the project progressed quickly.

The thinking behind the SocketMaster design is socket comfort-optimisation through a custom-designed mechanical and electronic frame. With a rapid prototyping machine, it is envisaged that the design and fabrication of a well-fitted prosthetic socket can be completed within a few hours and on the same day. In May 2018, all seven partners met at the London Prosthetic Centre to set the benchmark of the SocketMaster prototype. Everyone was captivated by the device, especially the micro-electronic sensors which measured the parameters relevant to comfort; such as pressure and friction between the socket and the residual limb. 

The preliminary results and feedback from the fourteen trials have been positive, and the project came to a final close once the prototype was trialed. Overall results and reviews concluded:

  • Subjective feedback from participants showed a high degree of patient satisfaction as it gave instantaneous comfort feedback.
  • Single adjustments could be made as required to increase or decrease pressure.
  • Self-input to fine tune every element of the socket, such as size and shape, was well received.

Now that the project is coming to a close, Abdo has concluded: “With further optimisation of both the hardware and software of the SocketMaster system, we anticipate demonstrating a solution for socket design and fabrication with enhanced comfort for patients one day in the future.”

The London Prosthetic Centre is the only private prosthetic clinic in the UK involved in research at this scale. For more information on the SocketMaster project please contact us at