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What is the first step?
Contact our centre on 0208 7896565 or email to book a consultation. At your first consultation, a comprehensive assessment (history, examination, muscle testing, joints range of motion and gait analysis) and a consultation outcome report if necessary will be completed.
Do I need an appointment?
In order to assure our patients receive personalised and individual attention, we see each patient by appointment only. Please call 020 8789 6565 to arrange an appointment.
I was advised that rehabilitation/physiotherapy is important in my prosthetic services
We have a team of rehabilitation therapists who specialised in amputee rehabilitation and can provide you with the best outcomes for recovery at home and at the clinic. As a new amputee, we always recommend several sessions of physiotherapy to help your healing progress. Sometimes a few sessions of physiotherapy or occupational therapy can provide a vast improvement in the comfort and mobility with your prosthesis.
One of my legs has been amputated due to diabetes. I don’t want to lose my other leg. what should I do?
Establish a relationship with a physician who specialises in diabetic foot problems, and see your doctor regularly and follow their instructions.
Do you have parking facilities?
Yes, we have free parking spaces for our clients.
Where is The London Prosthetic Centre located?
Our Kingston facility is located off Villiers Road near the centre of Kingston Upon Thames in Surrey. We are a 15 minute walk from Kingston Upon Thames and Surbiton railway stations - or alternatively 5 minutes by taxi or a 10 minutes bus ride (K1) from both stations.
Where can I stay locally in Kingston upon Thames?
Antoinette Hotel
Beaufort Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT1 2TQ
Tel: 0844 567 8955

Carlton Mitre Hotel
Hampton Court Way, Hampton Court, KT8 9BN
Tel: 020 8979 9988

Chase Lodge Hotel
10 Park Road, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 4AS
Tel: 020 8943 1862

Hotel Bosco & Bosco Lounge
9 St Mark’s Hill, Surbiton, Surrey, KT 4LQ
Tel: 020 8339 5720

The Kingston Lodge Hotel
94 Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7NP
Tel: 020 8541 4481

The Richmond Gate Hotel
Richmond Hill, Richmond TW10 6RP
Tel: 020 8940 0061

The Richmond Hill Hotel
Richmond Hill, Richmond TW10 6RW
Tel: 020 8940 2247

The White Hart
1 High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames KT1 4DA
Tel: 020 8977 1786
I am or a member of my family is facing an amputation. What should I do first?
Contact our centre on 0208 7896565 or 07752 686439 for a pre-surgical consultation.
Can I speak to someone else who has had the same type of amputation?
Yes. The London Prosthetic Centre can arrange for you to be visited or called by an amputee who is of the same gender and age group with a similar activity level.
Can I try a limb on my first visit?
We can offer a diagnostic fitting on your first visit following necessary measures.
It’s not always possible for me to attend appointments during the week. Do you run out-of-hours clinics?
We offer evening and weekend appointments if required - we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.
Can you supply advice through this website?
Please visit our Patient Information pages for general advice, or contact us at
How much does prosthetic care cost?
Prosthetic care can be expensive and every amputee or their care provider is concerned about the cost. It’s difficult to tell someone how much their prosthesis is going to cost without an in-person evaluation. Once the initial assessment is done, we will then be able to provide you with an itemised cost for your interventions. We will also advise you about future cost and warranties.

We do not charge our amputee clients for follow-up visits to our centre in the first 6 months following delivery of their prosthesis. We aim to establish a life time relationship with our clients and we want to make sure that they are satisfied with their prescribed devices.

If clients are travelling from abroad or from a distance in the UK, we will be happy to give some idea of costings over the phone or by email.

We accept NHS Referrals to our centre. Some of our amputee clients are funded by the NHS for their prosthetic limbs to attend our centre. To be eligible for NHS funding to attend our centre privately, you would need to discuss your individual case with either your GP, Rehabilitation Consultant or directly with your Primary Care Trust.

We do not charge VAT if you are a Foreign National or registered disabled in the UK. We accept cash, credit card, bank transfer or cheque payments. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express.
Does prosthetic care at your facility cost more than others?
No. Our pricing is competitive without compromising on quality and service.
Does my insurance pay for this service?
We accept most insurance plans, but you must check with your insurance provider if they would fund the provision of artificial limbs.
Are minor adjustments of my limb free?
We only bill the insurance, funding body or a patient for the cost of the device we initially provide. Follow up visits and minor adjustment appointments are free of charge for the first month after receiving your device.
How long should my prosthesis last for?
The socket may need frequent replacement depending on residual limb changes. The prosthetic components are thought to last in the region of 3 to 5 five years if serviced at least on a yearly basis. Children may need much more frequent modifications or adjustments as they grow.
How long will it take to make my prosthesis?
An advanced prosthesis can be fitted and delivered within three weeks of initial assessment.
I'm having to change my prosthetic sock very frequently, is this ok?
Many prosthetic users find it necessary to add or change socks throughout the day - this is common and nothing to worry about.
One of my legs has been amputated due to diabetes. I don’t want to lose my other leg. what should I do?
Establish a relationship with a physician who specialises in diabetic foot problems, and see your doctor regularly and follow his/her instructions.
What should I do if my residual limb hurts?
First, do not wear the prosthesis if it is painful or if it causes moderate to severe discomfort. Remove the prosthesis if it causes pain, and check that it is properly positioned. Think about these questions: did you wear it too long? Have you checked the number of socks you are using? If you're unsure, please call us.
When will I walk again?
Due to the many variances of patients and amputation levels, not everyone progresses at the same pace. There are so many variables making it impossible to determine how well you will walk with your prosthesis without a thorough evaluation from your prosthetic team.
What makes the London Prosthetic Centre different from other facilities?
The London Prosthetic Centre is a division of Steeper Group. Steeper Group is one of the largest providers of prosthetic and orthotic care in the world, established in 1921. Our clinicians have a wealth of experience and are up-to-date with all the latest developments.
With our silicone manufacturing on-site, this allows us to control our quality and competitive pricing. Our staff go above and beyond the realms of customer service to deliver the utmost in patient care and treatment. Our patients are our number one concern.