Boston Digital Arm

Upper Limb Prosthetic - Bionics

The Boston Digital Arm™ is a simple upper limb system, which can be programmed according to the user's preferences.

This device has been created with the patient in mind, as it features a high battery capacity and durable exterior to tackle every day life. It is compatible with most terminal devices and multi-articulating hands, including bebionic and i-Limb.
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Key Features

Uses world-leading digital technology for a high-torque prosthetic elbow.

Refined Control
Includes dozens of control options, and ease-of-use as the clutch automatically locks/unlocks.

Input options
Operates with inputs from myoelectrodes, touch pads, servo controls, and switches.

TMR Specific
For Targeted Muscle Reinnervation patients a specific version is available.

Intuitive Movement
Operates with new pattern recognition technology.

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