Upper Limb Prosthetic - Bionics

The DynamicArm Elbow teamed with the SensorHand Speed makes anatomical movements possible with its innovative technology. Controlled by your muscle signals, the DynamicArm is driven by an electric motor.

The control unit of the DynamicArm also transmits the muscle signals to the prosthetic hand, so that you are able to rotate the wrist unit in addition to opening and closing the hand with short response times.
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Key Features

Control Electronics
Numerous sensors continuously monitor the movements, so it takes less than 1 second to bring the elbow joint from flexion to extension.

Vario Gear
The integrated electric motor is very quiet and the continuously variable gear mechanism provides the required force in real time, translating your muscle signals into the desired flexion or extension speed. This allows you to lift up to 5kg, and have a holding capacity of 22kg.

Intuitive Grip
The SensorHand Speed opens and closes the device quickly and efficiently, whilst the sensor technology can tell when an object being held is starting to slip.

Natural and Efficient
The Automatic Forearm Balance takes advantage of the energy that is stored when the arm is extended and reuses it for flexion. This gives the elbow a smooth, natural swing when you’re walking.

Angle Settings
In order to balance compensating movements in the shoulder joint, the wrist unit can be locked in 5 different positions.

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Vario Drive technology teamed with a powerful electric motor allows you to flex and extend your elbow - all whilst holding a heavy weight.

Innovative elbow technology