Espire Elbow

Upper Limb Prosthetics - Bionics

The Espire Elbow is a revolutionary prosthesis by Steeper Group, placing importance on user experience by combining function and design. Available in a range of models, builds and colours, it provides greater choice to complement and enhance individual requirements.

This elbow prosthesis is designed to emulate the anatomical shape of the forearm and wrist, including a natural and comfortable resting position. The entire range is compatible with a variety of terminal devices, and can be programmed to fit individual needs for everyday tasks.
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Key Features

Espire Pro
The Espire Pro is a revolutionary powered elbow that is easy to use and anatomically correct. With a powerful battery and a comfortable centre of mass, this elbow functions all day with ease. The electronic lock, free-swing options, and accessible power button add ease to patients’ everyday tasks. The Pro is compatible with most terminal devices, switches, touch pads, and electrodes on the market.

Espire Hybrid
The Espire Hybrid has the same electronics and battery as the Pro - without the powered elbow joint. Instead, this model has an adjustable forearm counterbalance mechanism to evenly distribute the weight of the forearm, wrist, and terminal device, negating the effects of gravity. This allows the patient to position the forearm with minimal effort. The Hybrid conveniently uses the same inputs as the Pro to control a range of terminal devices.

Espire Classic Plus
The Espire Classic Plus is a mechanical elbow featuring a manual lock and forearm counterbalance mechanism. Using a plug-in board at the top of the arm, prosthetists can attach various inputs and batteries. These plug-ins are routed through the elbow to the distal end for attachment of a wider range of terminal devices. This model provides a discreet compartment for housing other manufacturers’ batteries without having to modify the arm.

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Designed to mimic the anatomical shape and look of the elbow, the Espire series uses an intuitive counterbalance mechanism and customisable programs to suit every user's needs.

Easy to use, anatomically correct