Luke Arm

Upper Limb Prosthetics - Bionics

The LUKE arm features ten powered joints, making it the only prosthesis with a powered shoulder so users can reach over their head.

It features an intuitive flexible control system to allow the arm to be controlled by a variety of input devices, and can be pre-programmed to carry out a variety of grip patterns.
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Key Features

Multiple Grip Patterns
The LUKE arm has a variety of pre-programmed grip patterns, including a power grip, tool grip, fine pinch closed/open, lateral pinch and chuck grip.

Proportional Speed Control
Dictate how fast the joints move with proportional speed control by adjusting how gently or aggressively they trigger the input signal for fluid movement.

Compound Wrist
The compound wrist combines the movements of Wrist Flexion and Extension with Ulnar and Radial Deviation, which allows you to grasp objects above the head or below the waist while keeping the hand level.

Conforming Grasp
The LUKE hand has a powered thumb, powered index finger and combined powered middle, ring and pinky fingers that allow the hand to conform to different objects in multiple grip patterns.

Tactile Feedback
A tactor (vibratory motor) can be mounted to the user's socket to provide vibratory feedback. This can be activated by sensors in the thumb and/or by switching modes and grips.

Virtual Reality Training
The software used by the prosthetist to set up the controls of each arm has a simulated arm which allows users to test and practice their controls while making any desired changes prior to donning the arm.

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With all three LUKE arm configurations, it comes packaged as a fully-integrated system, ready to be fitted by your prosthetist.

An entire ready-to-go system