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Cassie Cava's Story

Cassie Cava's Story Cassie Cava's Story Cassie Cava's Story
The story
Cassie was born with club foot, which has caused a lifetime of problems. Although she endured multiple reconstructive operations throughout her life, she was met with disappointing results every time - including new stress fractures developing after each operation. Cassie struggled to do much more than shuffle after another stress fracture and further complications. The frustration with not being active was beginning to take its toll, so after six years of failed treatments she made a life-changing decision: “During that time I had eight operations to try and mend my foot, but in the end I asked to have it amputated so I could have a shot at living an active and pain-free life.”

The result of Cassie’s below-the-knee amputation was transformational; “I can walk, run, cycle, and do more or less whatever I want to do - with a bit of problem solving with some things.” Following her amputation and recovery she was keen to start taking part in sporting competitions, but it was a slow and frustrating process, with her socket at the time not fitting correctly, causing pain and abrasion on her residual limb – For Cassie, a woman who had ambitions of one day competing in triathlons, this was disappointing, especially after waiting weeks for sockets that in the end were not comfortable enough. It was taking longer than she expected to get to the level of fitness she sought after.

The solution
With her dreams of running and cycling hanging in the balance, Cassie sought answers online. One of LPC’s patients recommended that she visit the clinic, as they had proven results with prosthetic intervention in cases such as hers.
Cassie was introduced to Abdo, and together they discussed what Cassie wanted from her prosthesis and what she would need to embrace sporting activities more vigorously. Over several consultations they decided that the best prosthesis for her to compete in triathlons at a high level would be the Össur Flex Run. This single prosthesis could be used from running position to hopping on her bike with little delay, and was accompanied with a custom-made socket to fit her as snugly and as comfortably as possible to avoid any abrasions from the intense impact of triathlon competitions.

The turning point
With Abdo’s knowledge and expertise the prosthesis was completed, and Cassie was thrilled to start competing with it. She took part in the 2018 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in the Gold Coast, and triumphed finishing in third place. Cassie stated: “I’ve enjoyed the rewards I have gained from challenging myself, and with this leg I am able to push my body without the constant limiting factor of the prosthesis fit or the socket. I want to continue to inspire more women to take up sport. If I can do it anyone can.”
Abdo concludes: “This is just the beginning for Cassie, and we are excited to work with her as she tackles her triathlon journey. She has grown so much in both character and strength from where she started off - it is wonderful to see her at this level of fitness, activity, and happiness.”

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Cassie's Story