01 May

Tallulah Smith's Story

Tallulah Smith's Story Tallulah Smith's Story
The story
It started 5 years ago in 2012 when Tallulah was heading to Peru with a friend during her gap year and disaster struck. As they waited at the bus station to head off to Peru, a bus travelling at high speed collided into Tallulah causing severe damage. With vague and surreal memories she woke up in hospital to discover her leg had been operated on. Returning back home to the UK, Tallulah quickly realised that something was drastically wrong with her leg, and after several consultations with her Doctor discovered that her leg had become infected and as a result had to be amputated.

Tallulah, a sporty and outgoing person who had to learn to adjust to a new way of life, admits that thanks to her family and friends who have been so supportive through her ordeal she has not been psychologically scarred as she expected. Her only grievance is not being able to get back into her sports - until visiting The London Prosthetic Centre.

The solution
Tallulah met with Abdo in 2015, in search of a more versatile leg that could offer her the freedom of being able to change her prosthesis quickly and comfortably: “Abdo gave me exactly what I wanted. It’s my every day leg and is the most comfortable leg I have ever had. I can just start running when I want to and it feels fantastic to run because for so many years I couldn’t.”

When Tallulah visited LPC, Abdo immediately recognized the need to create a custom socket and foot that enables Tallulah to be as active on the go without the need to change her leg every time she starts a new activity.
Abdo has also custom made her a water leg with a bespoke cover featuring swimming fish, which she has already been using the leg on weekends with friends. “It was amazing to discuss my water leg with Abdo as once again he has given me exactly what I need. My new one has an Ottobock Dynamic foot which makes it comfortable to walk on dry land, but at the same time you can jump into the water and get the leg fully wet without any concerns.”

The turning point
Tallulah is a qualified Chartered Accountant and works in a modern office environment in London that includes a “chill out lounge”. This is where Tallulah offered us an insight into her active life - from colleague banter to the hub bub of her desk activities, Tallulah often beats her colleagues at several games of table tennis. She ended the week with drinks at the pub, before she headed off to a table tennis speed dating evening.

Tallulah admits “My leg isn’t something noticeable at work as I wear trousers most of the time and just get on with my daily activities - it just doesn’t bear a constant reminder.”

Tallulah plays badminton every week when not going out with her two flat mates. She continues to run and plays a very competitive game of table tennis with willing colleagues.

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